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Exhibitor Registration:

  • Agenda Show is an invite only show. We seek brands with a point of view, high quality product, genuine creativity, innovative designs, a growing product line and authentic connections to culture, brand mission, values and purpose. 

  • We do accept brand applications for our upcoming shows. We curate our event to ensure we accept brands who meet our criteria, and would equally benefit from exhibiting at our event. We strive to strike a balance between being exclusive, and being inclusive to give new brands and creators an opportunity to be part of our community. 

  • If you’re interested in being considered to exhibit,  please submit your information following the link here and one of our brand managers will review within 48 hours.​​ If we feel your brand is appropriate for the show and there is a space available, we will get back to you. Apply to Exhibit Here

  • Questions regarding booth availability, pricing, etc. are not available unless you’ve already been invited or you have applied to exhibit and have been approved.

  • To request more information about exhibiting at Agenda click here.

  • For more information or for time sensitive requests please call (213) 315-6580 

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