Highsnobiety on AGENDA Las Vegas

Highsnobiety came to AGENDA Las Vegas this year recapping some of last week’s Fall/Winter 2015 lines.

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HYPEBEAST returned to AGENDA Las Vegas this year to recap the Agenda Show. Displaying a collection of 27 amazing images, HYPEBEAST recapped the feel of Agenda as it closed out this season’s shows.

To learn more, read their article here.

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Han Cholo at AGENDA Las Vegas

A Hollywood brand through and through, Han Cholo has been influenced by rock ‘n’ roll, science fiction, fantasy and all things LA culture. Stack up the West Coast staple’s unisex bejeweled skull rings or chunky chain bracelets for the ultimate in laidback luxury accessorizing. More than just jewelry, the line’s edgy accoutrements are the standout touches that give fashion forward looks and tried-and-true classics instant street cred.

For more info, visit www.hancholo.com.

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Rastaclat at AGENDA Las Vegas

Rastaclat, originators of the Shoelace Bracelet, will be hitting the showroom floor at Agenda, Las Vegas to debut their Rastaclat+ line of innovative accessories, including the Knotaclat bracelet which will be a fixture in the line going forward. These unexpected, inspired silhouettes will be peppered throughout the 2015 lineup. All four seasons will be available for viewing including their Artista capsule, which debuts with brand new prints this fall, and the IndustREAL capsule, which features metallic accents perfect for this holiday season. Visit them at booth D20.

For more info, visit www.rastaclat.com.

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OverThrow at AGENDA Las Vegas

OverThrow’s design integrates the different fashion cultures. Our aim is to enrich our society through bringing exclusive quality to the fashion industry as well as to introduce a kind of distinctive lifestyle to young people. At OverThrow, we encourage different cultural aesthetics to dialogue with and to impact on one another.

For more info, visit www.overthrowinc.com.

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Dealers at AGENDA Las Vegas

In Vegas, everybody’s gotta watch everybody else. Since the players are looking to beat the casino, the dealers are watching players.

For more content, visit www.dealersny.com.

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King Ice at AGENDA Las Vegas

Known as streetwear’s go-to jeweler, King Ice introduces its Spring/Summer 2015 collection. King Ice 2015 takes inspiration from Skate, Egyptian and Spiritual chapters, offering skateboard decks, pharaohs, Buddhas and much more! Now taking part in the advanced 3D carving process, King Ice is committed to detail and creating quality pieces throughout. Gold decks, half pipes and crystallized trucks are highly anticipated with this streetwear crowd.

For more info, visit www.kingice.com.

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Gnarly at AGENDA Las Vegas

Gnarly started as an inside joke amongst a group of friends and grew into a voice for those who are fed up with everything being taken so seriously. We figured this was our chance to bring a little comic relief back into our industry. You have to be able to take a step back and laugh at yourself sometimes. We aren’t some corporate suits trying to sell you something we don’t believe in. We live this lifestyle because we love it. Gnarly is not about me or you, its about traveling the world with your friends and all the cultural experiences that come along the way. We speak for the next generation of kids who aren’t afraid to follow their paths in whichever way they may lead and strive to foster an environment where their creative freedoms may always remain intact. It is our firm belief that with this sense of creative freedom embedded into our roots that nothing but the most honest and beautiful art form will be represented and promoted by our brand. Above all, we called this thing Gnarly, sorry if you don’t get it.

For more info, visit www.gnarlyclothes.com.

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8&9 at AGENDA Las Vegas

8&9 Manufacturing Company to offer expanded cut & sew collection at Agenda Las Vegas. Their summer ’15 combines sports looks and universal symbolism in an ode to Miami grit and culture. Fresh off the release of the Traplord Monogram duffel bag and backpack highlighted by leather appointments, red guts and acute attention to detail 8&9 is giving the streets more of what they demand. Rounding out the collection is an embossed Raw Rolling Papers wallet for the connoisseur smoker. Booth # D7

For more info, visit www.8and9.com.

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Kennedy Denim Co at AGENDA Las Vegas

Kennedy Denim returns to Agenda Las Vegas to continue their push as THE premier denim label by raising the bar even higher in denim manufacturing and design. Utilizing the very best cutting, sewing and wash factories in Los Angeles, paired with the sourcing of premium grade denim fabrics from Japan, the U.S. and Italy, Kennedy continues to be the front runner of men’s denim and bottoms for the streetwear and lifestyle sector.

For more content, visit www.kennedyforthepeople.com.

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