AGENDA Long Beach—January 5-6, 2015


AGENDA Long Beach
Monday – January 5
Tuesday – January 6
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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Long Beach Convention Center
300 E Ocean Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90802
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The Sound of AGENDA


Thanks to Pandora, be sure to check out the custom mixtape made for AGENDA Long Beach this year! See how we can create the sound of your brand!

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RVCA and YG's Exclusive Concert at AGENDA Long Beach

RVCA and YG have teamed up on a collection available at PacSun in January 2015. To celebrate, we will have an exclusive concert at Agenda Long Beach on January 5, for all attendees. Come join us to kick off the collaboration at the Long Beach Convention Center at 5:30 PM at the Agenda Cafe.

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Vestal at AGENDA Long Beach

On January 5th & 6th, Vestal will return to Agenda Long Beach to showcase the Spring 2015 Collection of Watches & Eyewear. Email to schedule an appointment.

For more information, visit

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Emo-Emoji at AGENDA Long Beach


Emo-Emoji will be disrupting the industry at AGENDA: Long Beach

Touted to be one of the most disruptive brands to grace the Agenda trade floor. Emo-Emoji are emoticons on steroids, in-house curated digital stickers that get shared on popular messaging services like WhatsApp. The sometimes overly crude and in your face digital stickers then get transmuted into some of the most alluring fashion pieces and lifestyle goods. With their digital messaging stickers updated on a daily basis on their free App, customer acquisition and translation gets brought to a whole new level for the fashion industry. Emo-Emoji is brought to you by The Digital Vandal Pte. Ltd.

Emo-Emoji wants you to be apart of its family and to join in the revolution.

For more info, visit and to book a meeting with the lovely Amanda S., email

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Reef at AGENDA Long Beach


REEF is unveiling an unexpected and exciting new capsule collection at Agenda Long Beach: M.W for REEF. True collaboration is a two-way street, creative inspiration flowing both ways. That’s the exact case with the new M.W for REEF collection. Tokyo’s Masafumi Wantanabe has been inspired by the style and cultural exchange of REEF’s traveling surf ambassadors, while REEF has long admired the work of this influential global designer. Masafumi Wantanabe has gained global recognition for his ability to put fresh twists on time-honored designs, just as he’s taken REEF’s authentic waverider aesthetic and mixed it with his own interpretation of classic California surf style.

To learn more, visit

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LSTN at AGENDA Long Beach

LSTN Headphones are vintage-inspired and made from real wood. Proceeds from each pair sold help provide hearing aids to a person in need through Starkey Hearing Foundation.

For more info, click here.

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Zeus Beard at AGENDA Long Beach

Zeus Beard

Zeus is extremely excited to be joining Agenda this year and showcasing our line of beard care products. Zeus is the premier beard care brand for the active and adventurous man with a complete line of beard care products guaranteed to keep your beard or mustache looking and feeling great. Find us in The Woods at Agenda Long Beach.

To learn more, visit

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Alpinestars at AGENDA Long Beach


Alpinestars is passion in motion. A passion that continues to drive us throughout our 50 year heritage. Our men’s collection finds its roots in all that is motorsports: from the thrill of the attack on the first turn, to the style and glamour of the victory lap.

For more content, visit

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VonZipper at AGENDA Long Beach


VonZipper will blast you around the moon to the sun and back again at Agenda LB.. On the sunny side, we’re launching ten, yes ten, new eyewear styles that touch down in spring.. We’ve also opened up the observation bubble for a sneak peek into our 2015/2016 goggle line featuring our newest goggle development the “JetPack.” Setting off the New Year right and going where few dare to tread, VZ/Agenda 2015..

To learn more, click here >>

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Sanuk at AGENDA Long Beach


Sanuk has some fresh updates to the popular Spring 2015 Women’s Kat Collection featuring seasonal silhouettes; slip-on shoe, a bootie and a basic flat in prints, solids and suede fringe.

For more info, visit

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